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Week 14 Friday [May 1. Self-Paced; No Zoom]


  1. Post-Production: Basic Editing with Adobe Premiere Pro
    • Follow Adobe Premiere instruction videos
    • Practice basic video editing
  2. Review Blog Post 10 Reflection and Self-Evaluation Assignment
  3. Next Week: (No Zoom Class This Week)
    • Monday: More Editing Skills & Practice with Adobe Premiere
    • Wednesday & Friday: Work on Digital Video Story and or Reflection Post
    • End-of-semester check-in with the instructor about assignments or anything else. Please check in with me via email or Zoom.

✏️Review Blog Post 10 Reflection and Self-Evaluation Assignment

Congratulations on making to the last assignment of our course!! I know you had to work extra hard to get to this point. And due to the sudden change of our learning environment, taking a production-focused course has become a great challenge and many of the learning objectives had to be compromised. And I agree that this course could’ve been more rewarding and definitely more fun if the situation allows! That said, I appreciate so much your continued efforts and willingness to work with me to make the best out of the situation.

For this assignment, you will be reflecting upon the acquired skills/concepts in this course. Please download the assignment document Blog Post 10 – Self-Reflection.docx, review the prompt, compose your reflection, and submit the link to Wyocourses. The suggested deadline is May 11 but you have until May 25th to submit.

📅Next week…

Next week, besides giving you time to work on your video project, I would like to do an end-of-semester check-in with you all.

You can check in with me via email or sign up a slot to do a Zoom check-in next Wednesday (May 6). You can sign up for a Zoom check-in here.

Please email me or talk to me via Zoom about:

  1. What remaining assignments do you need to work on
  2. What’s your progress and work plan to finish them? Any questions about them?
  3. Do you anticipate or have you experienced any difficulties with these assignments?
  4. Is there anything that I can help with your projects?

Post-Production: Video Editing


Please note that for the video assignment,  you are free to use another editing program, such as iMovie or FinalCutPro. Adobe Premiere and FinalCutPro are the industry standards for video editing. iMovie is pretty good for being a standard software on a MacBook.

Conceptual Editing. DO THIS FIRST!

You want to have the story flow ironed out first. Assuming that you have acquired all the footage you planned on shooting, then you want to use the footage you have now to streamline your story before you begin with technical editing. The story might be different from what you have planned in the first place.

Conceptual Editing: Think about: What did you start with? How does the story end? Also, search for sound bites that address the who, what, where, when, why, how, and so what.

Basic Editing with Adobe Premiere Pro

There are tons of Adobe Premiere tutorials and resources online. However, Adobe Premiere’s interactive in-app tutorials turn out to be the most efficient way to learn the basics of editing in our current remote learning situation, especially for folks who don’t have much experience of video editing.

We will devote 2 class periods to learning how to edit with Adobe Premiere Pro: today and next Monday. Although we are only touching upon the most common editing functions of Premiere in class, what you learn will give you a good sense of professional video editing process. Additionally, the editing basics we cover in class should suffice to finish your video project.

To ensure access to the software, please make sure you are logged in with your University account in the app and you have installed the latest version of Adobe Premiere. The instructions and screenshots about Premiere below are based on my MacBook, but Premiere on windows PCs is almost the same. If you cannot find these interactive in-app tutorials, check if you have latest version, and if the problem continues, please let me know.

Please be patient and carefully follow the instructions in the following Adobe Premiere in-app tutorials to familiarize yourself with the software as well as to practice some basic editing skills.

How to find these in-app tutorials:

  1. Open the software -> go to the top application menu -> Help -> Open Premiere Pro In-App Tutorials
  2. Now, you should be able to see the “Learn” panel open in your interface. And you should be able to see three main modules: Premiere Pro Overview, The Basics, and Skills and Projects.
The Learn Panel in the left of the interface is where you can find the three tutorial modules.

Today, you are expected to review these in-app tutorials:

  1. Premiere Pro Preview
    • To familiarize yourself with the app interface and what each panel does.
  2. Learn the Basics. This tutorial includes 4 mini-tutorials:
    • Importing Media
    • Preparing Your Clips for Editing
    • Editing Your Clips
    • Exporting Your Project Content

After reviewing these tutorials and practiced editing as instructed, you should be able to:

  1. Import and work with multiple clips
  2. Adjust the sequence of clips on the timeline
  3. Trim video and audio clips
  4. Export your work for uploading

In addition to the above basics, you will also find the Razor Tool very useful for your project. The Razor Tool for cutting one single clip into several sections:

Razor tool is very intuitive to use. If you prefer a visual tutorial of how to use the Razor Tool (circled out in the above screenshot; next to the My Sequence panel) to cut clips, check out this video

If you want to continue learning video editing, you can continue with Week 15 Monday’s content.


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