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Week 13 Wednesday [Apr. 22 Self-Paced]


  1. Take Quiz 3 (on Social Media, Data Journalism, and Information Visualization) via Wyocourses
    • Take before this Sunday, Apr. 26
  2. “In-Class” Time to Work on Google My Maps Project

Tips for preparing for Quiz 3

Get Started with Your Google My Maps Project

Please download and read through the assignment instructions and grading rubric Blog Post 7 – Google My Maps.doc if you haven’t done so yet.

The suggested deadline to submit this assignment is this Sunday Apr. 26 by 11:59 p.m. Ideally, you will finish the research and design of the map *today*, then finish writing the blog post by the weekend.

  1. Before you start your mapyou must brainstorm and research an issue that you would like to write about that somehow includes a map that you created using Google My Maps. Focus on what problem that your map solves for the user. Or, focus on what important information that your map provides the user.
  2. Consult with me via email about your proposed blog post and map
  3. Create your map
  4. Conduct your interview (in any format)
  5. Write the blog post
  6. Embed the map in the blog post

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