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Week 11 Monday [4/6 Self-Paced]


  1. Take Quiz 2 on audio production and podcasting today or at the latest by this Sunday, Apr. 12 via Wyocourses.
  2. “In-Class” time to work on your blog post 5 audio profile.

✨Welcome to the first self-paced lesson of our course!

👩‍🏫A couple reminders to help you go through self-paced lessons more easily:

  1. How to do self-paced learning: Go to our WordPress course blog and follow interactive instruction on the days where we do self-paced learning.
  2. What to expect: A lot of times, you will need to accomplish some “in-class” tasks or assignments. This will be also the main way for me to keep track of your “attendance” and participation.
  3. Flexibility: You can start and finish a self-paced lesson whenever is the most convenient and possible for you. However, you usually have the end of the week to finish those “in-class” tasks. If you cannot finish self-learning by the end of a week, please let me know ASAP how you plan to keep up with the course.
  4. Zoom drop-in: You are still encouraged to attend workshop classes during our regular class time, no matter it is a workshop or self-learning. I will be available via Zoom during self-paced classes in case you have any questions about your assignments and want an instant answer.

✏️Quiz 2

How to take the quiz:

  • Go to our Wyocourses page 👉 Scroll down the homepage and find the module “Quizzes” 👉 Click “Quiz 2 Audio”

Preparation (repeating what I wrote in the email from last Friday):

  • To prepare for the quiz, my advice is to review 1) our course blogs on Week 7 Wednesday and Week 10 Monday; 2) last Friday’s guest lecture on podcasting, which is already uploaded to Wyocourses.

About the Quiz:

  • ⌚️Take the quiz today or at the latest by this Sunday, Apr. 12.
  • ⏱You have 30 minutes to finish the quiz.
  • 🙅You cannot use the textbook, check the course blog or your notes during the quiz. Your computer should only have the quiz page open at all times.
  • 📜Correct answers will be available after submission until the next week.

💻”In-Class” time to work on your blog post 5

🚩Hopefully at this point, you have already finished the audio interview needed for the audio profile assignment. Please remember that although we no longer hold individual deadlines anymore, the final deadline in May is coming faster than we could realize. My advice is to finish this post ASAP as we are moving to the next unit on Wednesday.

🚩Use the rest of the class time to work on your blog post 5 (recording/editing). Please refresh your memory of the requirements by reviewing the instruction document before starting to edit.

🚩If you encounter any questions about the assignment itself or about audio editing, feel free to drop in my Zoom office and/or Zoom office hours. The Zoom link can be found in the usual page on Canvas (“Zoom Links for Classes & Office Hours”).

Next Time (4/8 Wednesday):

  • Review Journalism Next Ch. 2 and Read Ch. 3 by Wed. Apr. 8
  • While reading Ch. 3 on Crowd-Powered Collaboration, be prepared to explain what crowdsourcing is; share ideas about how you could use crowd-powered collaborations in your future media job; and discuss the value of open-source reporting.

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