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Feedback for Blog Post 1&2

If you haven’t done the following things, please start doing so😃

For About Page

  • Keep working on your conversational writing style. Show your personality in your writing. I want to “hear you” as I read your posts.
  • Post images.
  • Link to relevant websites.
  • About Page is a “PAGE,” not a “POST.” If you can’t see your about page in the top menu of your homepage, please check and see if (1) the About Page is still sitting in your Pages Draft box and publish it; and (2) if you posted the About Page as a post instead of a page.
  • Avoid unnecessary capitalization. –> See “capitalization” in the AP Style book. You should own and refer to the AP Style book on a regular basis in this class, especially if you plan to go into any sort of media writing careers in journalism, PR, or advertising.

For General Blog Writing and Design

  • Keep working on your conversational writing style. Show your personality in your writing. I want to “hear you” as I read your posts.
  • Remove all the unnecessary things from your blog that come with the theme you have chosen.
  • Click all the links available on your blog and make sure they are not what you want them to be. Some links on your blog are ads for the original theme. Some are dead links.
  • Use categories and tags for your blog posts. Use them to organize your content.
  • Do NOT write in giant paragraphs 🙂 I know it’s amazing to be able to share your ideas and creativity with the world, but in the meantime, you are writing as a professional journalism/media student and you SHOULD be good at writing.

For Blog Post 2 – Photography

  • Do not forget the titles. Use “Image” block template in your post. It gives a box to write your title/caption. I did NOT deduct points this time for not including a title (however, points were deducted for not including a caption) but will do for the photojournalism assignment.
  • I love the titles you created for your photos! BUT Title and caption are different. Your analysis is also different from caption.
    • For examples and instructions of writing title/caption, review our course blog (photography and photojournalism), examples discussed in class, and most importantly, the assignment instruction.
    • Check out a few peer works for reference: Scout and Braden.
  • Remember that you cannot use old photos for our class assignments. “NEW” photos please (or at least let me think that)!
  • Start using categories and tagssssssss. Thank you.


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