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Week 1 Friday


  1. Textbook?
  2. Blogging on WordPress
  3. Continue the workshop
  4. Next week:
    1. Reminder: The Blog 1 submission is due on Monday, Feb. 3rd via Canvas.
    2. Assigned readings (also on Monday)
    3. Start the Photography Week

Activity: Journalism Next Short Reflection

  • How many people were able to read the assigned reading for today?
  • If at least half of the class read it, then pair up students with student who could read and student who couldn’t read it. Student who read should discuss what they learned and their top 5.
  • If hardly any students could read the readings, then move on to WordPress workshop.

On a piece of paper, write five things that you want to remember from the Journalism Next reading (Introduction, Ch.1, Ch.2). You can use your book as you write the 5 things. What 5 things do you think will be particularly helpful for you and why?

We will chat for a little about our class responses.
After our chat, we will continue setting up our blogs and work on the first assignment.

WordPress Blogging

Beyond WordPress…Your experience with blogging
• How many people have owned a blog? Do you have experience in writing and/or managing a blog? (a text-based blog or website; as opposed to social media such as Twitter/Instagram)
• How many blogs have you had? What was/is/were/are their purposes?
• Do you think it was/is successful in what it was/is intended for?
• How do you find WordPress similar or different than the platform(s) you used?

How many people still don’t have a WordPress blog set up?
Any difficulties so far? Let’s troubleshoot for a bit if there’s any…

Write Your First Blog Post
• Create a new post (You may want to spend some time getting used the writing platform)
• Using categories (Up to your preference re how you want to use categories)
• Using tags
• Saving drafts (I recommend that you start by directly writing on WordPress)
• Publishing the post

Guidelines To Follow For General Blog Writing
• Update frequently
• Write in the first-person (i.e., “I think) and use conversation-style that shows your personality
• Provide specific headlines
• Provide links elsewhere to helpful information
• Allow readers to comment and comment back to readers
• Are ongoing conversations among members of a community
• Can be your professional portfolio, journal, or brainstorming session
• Embed photos, video, audio, and other multimedia features
• Are relatively short, usually less than 800 words

Tips for Finishing the First Blog on WordPress:

  1. If you haven’t used WordPress before, prepare to spend some time getting used to its functions, such as formatting, organizing, and adding tags/categories.
  2. Use markdown to compose faster. Such as ## for heading 2 and #### for heading 4.
  3. Save as draft before publishing.
  4. Use “Read more” block to show only part of your post in the homepage.

Now Let’s Continue Working on Your First Assignment

Make sure you review the Blog Post 1 instruction before start writing the About page and the first blog post.

Goals Today

  • Finish what we did last time in class (setting up the basics of the blog)
  • Create an About page and start drafting the content and decide the layout
  • Review the questions for the blog post and start drafting answers ON the blog

Before the end of the class, together we will discuss
> What have you found tricky/unusual about WordPress platform?
> Have you found or do you have any useful tricks? Please share with us.

Last time:
• Title for your blog
• Update the tagline
• Add a header image (Logo)
• Choose a theme (Most of the themes come with an About page. If yours doesn’t, you will need to create an About page manually. Even your theme has one, you can delete it and create a new one to fit your aesthetic/preferences.)
• Change the blog timezone
• Launch your website
• Edit your Contact page (Create one if your theme doesn’t come with one already)

About Page

  • Create/Edit an “about” page
    • Your name.
    • Some demographic information, such as where you are from and what your family is like.
    • What the purpose of this blog is (e.g., it’s to showcase your storytelling work).
    • Some interests and what you like to do in your spare time.
    • Your career goals.
  • Linking to other web pages (or social media pages)
  • Posting photos and inserting other media or files

Write Your First Blog Post (300-800 words)

  • Create a new post
  • Using categories
  • Using tags
  • Saving drafts
  • Publishing the post

Tips (checklist for the blog assignment)
Now that you’re familiar with blog posts, here are a few things to keep in mind. Remember that blog posts:

  • are short in length (less than 800 words)
  • use short, direct, complete, and easy-to-read sentences
  • use short paragraphs (don’t have more than 4 or 5 sentences in one paragraph)
  • are written in the first-person (i.e., “I think”)
  • express your personal opinions
  • link to other websites
  • can reveal traits of your personality (e.g., if you’re funny, then make jokes; if you’re not funny, like me, then you *try* to make jokes)
  • include photos and images

Before the end of the class, together we will discuss
> What have you found tricky/unusual about WordPress platform?
> Have you found or do you have any useful tricks? Please share with us.


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