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Week 1 Wednesday


  1. Importance of branding and marketing yourself with your blog
  2. Review first assignment; due Mon. Feb. 3 by 11:59 p.m.
  3. WordPress signup and tutorial
  4. Discussion of Journalism Next reading on Friday

Think Of Yourself As A Brand
For your blog, you’ll be posting your class assignments here to showcase your journalistic work, but I strongly encourage you to also post your thoughts, comments, goals, brainstorming ideas, etc. on your blog to practice your online writing skills and showcase your media work.

To be more successful with your media career, you need to create a brand for yourself by working hard at creating solid media stories. Let’s read to some branding principles.

Part of creating a brand, or a good reputation, is to know how to showcase your stellar ideas and high-quality professional work. So, feel free to post other professional material or thoughts to your blog, in addition to your required assignments for class.

In the end, you’re competing with hundreds of other students for those media jobs. Let’s take a look at recent journalism job and PR job postings.

So think of your blog as like a continually updated “live” resume and portfolio.

Google yourself right now.

What website pops up first? If you post to your blog frequently, then your blog may pop up first (which is what you want). You want employers to find your blog when they Google you. So keep updating it!
And you may want to connect your blog to your greater online presence. Post the blog link to your profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and any other online presence you have.

Activity: What skills do you want/need to present in your “live” resume/portfolio?

  • Search a few jobs of your interest and look at their requirements
  • Take out a piece of paper, jot down 3 things that you think you already have or are capable of presenting
  • Jot down 3 things that you plan to achieve
  • Write about how you can achieve those goals through self-branding on WordPress
  • I will keep your writing for you and hand back to you every time we learn a new media skill so you can keep updating your self-improvement plan!
  • Talk to your neighbors and in a bit, let’s talk about this together!

Blogging Workshop:

Download The Blog Post 1 – About-Page Setup Assignment
• Create a WordPress account
• Edit: Design – Customize – Site Identity
• Make a title for your blog
• Update the tagline
• Add a header image (Logo)
• Choose a theme
• In “Setting” change the blog timezone
• Launch your website
• Go to “Pages” and edit your Contact page
• Always remember to publish the changes
• Explore other services and customization in My Site

About Page
• Create/Edit an “about” page
• Your name.
• Some demographic information, such as where you are from and what your family is like.
• What the purpose of this blog is (e.g., it’s to showcase your storytelling work).
• Some interests and what you like to do in your spare time.
• Your career goals.
• Linking to other web pages (or social media pages)
• Posting photos and inserting other media or files

Logging In To Your WordPress Account
IMPORTANT: To log in to your WordPress blog, you can visit your blog url plus a “/wp-admin” at the end of the url. For example, to edit my blog, I go to “”. Alternatively, you can sign in through

Write Your First Blog Post
• Create a new post
• Using categories
• Using tags
• Saving drafts
• Publishing the post

Guidelines To Follow For Blog Writing
• Update frequently
• Write in the first-person (i.e., “I think) and use conversation-style that shows your personality
• Provide specific headlines
• Provide links elsewhere to helpful information
• Allow readers to comment and comment back to readers
• Are ongoing conversations among members of a community
• Can be your professional portfolio, journal, or brainstorming session
• Embed photos, video, audio, and other multimedia features
• Are relatively short, usually less than 800 words

For Friday: Journalism Next Short Reflection
On Friday morning in class, you will be asked to complete the following activity:

On a piece of paper, write five things that you want to remember from the Journalism Next reading. You can use your book as you write the 5 things. What 5 things do you think will be particularly helpful for you and why?

Then, we will chat for a little about our class responses.
After our chat, we will continue setting up our blogs and work on the first assignment.


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